Balingup is a small country town in the beautiful Blackwood River Valley Region in the South West of Western Australia.  The town itself nestles in the heart of the fruit orchard industry.  It is a scenic two hour drive from the city of Perth on the South West Highway and half way to the natural wonders of Albany.

Balingup enjoys four distinct seasons which offer the best conditions for fruit growing, with high rainfall, cold winters and sunny summers.

These attributes enable some of the best of WA’s fruit to be grown; fruit full of flavour and with high levels of natural sweetness. It is this fruit that makes Birdwood Park Fruit Winery’s products so enticing and such a high quality product.

Each bottle of port or liqueur is derived from one to two kilograms of fresh fruit, and the finished product has an alcohol level of between 19 to 23%.

With this recipe, it is no wonder Colette’s Fortified Wines are so enjoyed…